Dr Charlotte McClure    Chiropractor

Dr Charlotte McClure


Bachelor of Chiropractic Science (B. Chiro Sc, Macquarie)

Master of Chiropractic Science (M. Chiro Sc, Macquarie)

Having grown up in country New South Wales, I represented my home town and school in soccer and netball.  My enthusiasm for playing goal keeper led me to injuring my back whilst diving to stop a shot on goal.  Due to this injury I was introduced to the Chiropractic approach to solving health issues.  My improvement was so impressive compared to conventional approaches I had tried, my interest in Chiropractic and helping other people was born.

Subsequently I did work experience in a Chiropractic Clinic, then did my training in Anatomy and Physiology, then Chiropractic Science at Macquarie University.

I gained a lot of experience in treating patients whilst working at the Eastwood Clinic in Sydney and working with on field sporting injuries for Soccer, AFL and Rugby Union teams.

I treat spinal and sporting injuries, having trained in classic chiropractic, and modern low force treatment such as SOT, Activator and Arthrostim adjustments, for all age groups.